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Make a splash with Boot River! Our quality leather boots are designed with your little one in mind, featuring a genuine leather upper and a soft leather sole with anti slip rubber pads for sizes 2-5, and a hard sole for sizes 6-12. Guaranteed to fit just right with an elastic and zip combo. With them on their feet, your mini-me will be strutting the puddles in style!

US Sizes: *cm refers to innersole length

Size 2 - 11cm - 0-6 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 3 - 11.8cm - 6-12 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 4 - 12.6cm - 12-18 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole

Size 5 - 13.4cm - 18-24 months - Anti Slip Soft Sole 

Size 6 - 15.2cm - Hard Sole

Size 8 - 16.9cm - Hard Sole

Size 10 - 18.6cm - Hard Sole

Size 12 - 19.3cm - Hard Sole

Designed in Kleinton, Australia.

Made in Shenzhen, China.


Customer Reviews

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Do not look any further for boots! My 15 month old wears his River boots EVERY time we leave the house. They get muddy, dirty, scuffed and trampled about and they always look amazing.

1st Birthday Gift

Our little one was gifted a pair of these as a 1st birthday gift. (Size 4) they fit beautiful and have since became our first pair of walking shoes. They’re lovely and roomy at the toes for plenty of freedom to learn how to walk without being boats and in the way. We love them and highly recommend.