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Bedroom Styling Tips
October 26, 2022

Bedroom Styling Tips

I like to keep our colour scheme neutral and soft, this allows timber or painted furniture pieces to flow in the space. To add depth you can add texture, patterns or colour tones. Add these to bed linen or prints on the wall, I’m about to introduce a wall colour but it will be soft and still tie all our pieces together. One of my favourite things in my home that I’ve used in several rooms are the long wooden hanging hooks, we hang our favourite pieces including hats, baskets, dresses, bags. It’s almost like a work of art and keeps the eye interested.

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Nature Play Ideas for the WHOLE Family
July 28, 2022

Nature Play Ideas for the WHOLE Family

There are so many fun experiences for children in nature. Nature play is time spent playing outdoors in nature. True nature play is free and unstructured play that is led completely by the child. Why not try some of these ideas with your little ones.

  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Use materials from nature such as seed, rocks and leaves to make interesting patterns and art and craft projects
  • Enjoy a muddy puddle, yes! Ge muddy! Try make mud pies and mud castles.

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