Mama Self Care

Mama Self Care

Do you put yourself at the bottom of your list? Do you often forget to fill your cup before looking after others? In most cases, people don’t see self care as important, especially mamas; and I know there is the dreaded mum-guilt that we all get for doing something for ourselves, BUT girl you need some love too; your mind, body and soul need it. 

Make self care a priority for yourself (easier said than done right?)

Here is 5 simple ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine: 


  1. Move Your Body - whether it be stretching when you wake up, a walk, yoga, a run, whatever you like that gets your body moving. You will feel amazing for it. 
  2. Listen - pop on your favourite podcast, playlist or audio book while you go about your daily tasks. 
  3. Drink - make sure you are getting plenty of water. A hydrated body is a happy body. Headaches, fatigue and dizziness can all be signs of becoming dehydrated so keep up those water levels. 
  4. Connection - talk to a loved one (partner, mum, friends etc) Connecting with others and having a chat about your day and listening to how others days are going can put a smile on both peoples faces. Human connection is a beautiful thing. Pick up the phone and make a call.
  5. Fresh Air - just getting outside for even 5 minutes a day can lift your spirits. Just sit, breathe in that beautiful fresh air and relax, take in the moment and enjoy. 


These are a few of my simple tips to adding self care to your daily routine, even just one of these things a day will help fill your cup. You got this girl! 

 Samantha xx @wearethegilmores